Day Fifteen: Who will love me for me?


As I’ve mentioned before, music has always been my outlet and my way to make sense of the world. A few years ago, I came across the song “What Love Really Means” by JJ Heller :

“He cries in the corner where nobody sees
He’s the kid with the story
No one would believe
He prays every night
‘Dear God won’t you please
Could you send someone here
Who will love me?’

Who will love me for me
Not for what I have done
Or what I will become
Who will love me for me
‘Cause nobody has shown me what love
What love really means”

I prayed that same prayer countless times on Robinson Drive. And based on the stories that many of you have shared, I imagine I’m not alone. In my darkest hours, I leaned on my faith. Faith in a God who knows my tears and all my uglies, and loves me anyway. And even when I searched for that love in places that only created more wounds, I knew I was never far from His love. Never out of His reach. And my prayer for all of you, is that you will know this same love. He will love you for YOU. ❤

4 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: Who will love me for me?

  1. Boy or girl, man or woman we all need to feel we are loved, valued and appreciated. Most of my life I have written songs or stories and I am happy when i go back and read them or play and sing them that ,the love comes through. I beleive the best way to have people love you is to give them love. I have had relationships where I did not feel loved or valued and they did not last. As an adult my soul demanded that I must recieve love as well as give it, Once I recoginized that need my relationships became more valuable and I found ways to give and recieve love without reservation. When you do not get love back , whether in personal relationships or professional relationships,it is best to seek another place to put your efforts. Feeling loved is one of the most important and compelling emotional feelings we can experience. You are loved by many

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