Day Twenty-One: Stay


I’m getting closer to the end of this daily writing challenge (I’m still several days behind), and this quote really spoke to me. I’ve had writing days when the words come easy, and I hit “publish” without looking back (explains some of my typos, huh ;)!? But, I’ve also had days when I sit and stare at this screen for hours and struggle to construct a single sentence. With a full-time job and busy kiddos, my writing time is late night/early morning. I’ve sacrificed sleep, I’ve picked up a killer, depths of my soul cough. I’ve struggled to eat (if you know me, you know that’s serious business;). This has been HARD.

There have also been plenty of blessings. Blogging has facilitated a connection with many people (some strangers from across the world even) that I wouldn’t have expected. The phrase “me too” has been more healing than I ever imagined. To know that I am not alone in the struggle makes me feel more human, more accepted. And yet, there’s been a temptation to stick to the easy stories; the stories that won’t make you look the other way when I run into you at the grocery store. In many ways, this blogging gig has been a daily lesson in humility. It’s like walking around without any skin, after I’ve peeled back the socially acceptable layers to show all of my uglies. Blogging has even impacted many friendships – it’s easy to walk beside funny Tracy, who jokes and smiles and keeps it light (I’m quite fond of her also). It’s NOT so easy when the subject gets real, and you find yourself in the middle of one of my “valley moments”. Not everyone will choose to stay; that’s the risk I take. And I get it – there have been plenty of times where *I* haven’t wanted to stay!?

But I would do it all over again, and (spoiler alert) I will CONTINUE to own and share my story. The moments I’m proud of, and the moments where I fail, and fall, and struggle to get back up. I’ve recently leaned on this song when I find myself in a valley moment:

The next time you find yourself saying “me too”, it’s my hope that this will also bring you comfort. And I hope you choose to stay. ❤


10 thoughts on “Day Twenty-One: Stay

  1. It’s funny…I just recently had a friend run away during one of my valley times….made me reevaluate those people I hold near. Sadly as I grow older, that list continues to get smaller. But those still on the list are an amazing group who stick with each other…thick or thin…always there! I’m counting the days down for December 🙂

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  2. Sometimes the seemingly lonely marathon path has spectators lining up on the sidelines cheering you on, applauding, and blowing you kisses.
    “Keep on going…you can do this! Keep your eyes on the prize!”
    Catch their gaze…they are rooting for YOU.
    You are LOVED.

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