Day Twenty-Five: The Legend of Online Love


I’m not really sure how it happened, but I once again got sucked into online love. It all starts out innocently as just browsing, and before you know it, you’re bringing them home to meet the fam. The suspect in question this time – the little spitfire in the picture above, Winne Mae (Cooper Lewis, to be exact). Yes like the character in the Wonder Years. She is some kind of wonder alright. It’s important to note that I haven’t had a dog since childhood. Not that I dislike dogs, but it just wasn’t a priority. The kids had been begging for a dog for years, and after a neighbor got a Shorkie, it just seemed like the right thing to do. No shedding, small breed (small dog, small poo), and family friendly. Problem solved!

We drove the whole way to middle of nowhere Ohio to get this little bundle of bountiful energy. When we arrived, there was a furball flying around the living room (the size of a hamster to be honest;) that we were told was our new family member. It was hard to keep an eye on her, let alone pick her up, but eventually we loaded her up and headed back towards civilization. It was a long trip home, and turns out, it would be a long process of getting our little love acclimated to our busy household. In hindsight, I might have asked the breeder to pick the puppy out of the litter that barely made it and was super calm and quiet (she has no shortage of energy, still, over a year later;)!

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

And it turns out Shorkies can be a bossy breed. Winnie is relentless in jumping, nudging, and even barking at times. She can be worse than a toddler strung out on Skittles. We’ve had to bring a professional trainer into the house to help set boundaries (again, not unlike a toddler;) and I won’t lie – I’ve even wanted to open the front door and “accidentally” let her make a run for it at least a dozen times. If you love something, set it free, right!? We’ve cleaned up countless accidents and she’s chewed mail, shoes and homework. We’ve even lost a few corners of some of our furniture and cabinets to her teething (no one told me Shorkies were part beaver;)!? Yet, somehow, I would make the choice all over again. I am completely in love with this little eight pound pistol!

In many ways, I think Winnie connects me to the childhood that I missed on Robinson Drive. She keeps me close to 4 year old Tracy, who just wants to be carefree enough to color and make daisy chains. She reminds me to stop and smell the roses (she’s also half hound I think, in the way she relentlessly sniffs the world around her;).  And the way the kids love Winnie just makes my cup runneth over. She may test my patience and drive me nuts, but I know she will be at the center of every good story the kiddos tell from childhood. She will be the legend of online love. ❤



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