Day Twenty-Eight: The Human Condition

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So, I finally did it. I took my nagging cough to urgent care last weekend, in search of relief. Went through all the normal hoops – signed in at the desk, held my breath and didn’t touch anything in the waiting room or triage (to avoid the “go in for one symptom, leave with another” syndrome). Stepped on the scale (they don’t even charge you extra for the motivation;), did the blood pressure thing…whole nine yards.  By the time I got to the exam room, I had demonstrated my impressive bark at least a dozen times, and was all kinds of worn out. I hopped up on the table and sorted through some work email while I patiently waited for the doctor.

And finally, in he walked. QUITE the character. He was like a caricature, right down to his coke bottle glasses and his over-exaggerated gestures. We were fast friends. Hard not to bond when chatting about a productive cough and phlegm. He clasped his hands together, closed his eyes and smiled while we talked about how long I had been fighting the crud and how I was sure it was going to get better. Until it didn’t. And now I may not even make it through the afternoon. 😉


“It’s the human condition,” he offered, his smile even wider. He might be my soul mate. My geriatric, physician-type soul mate. I instantly adored him. The human condition. What IS it about the human condition that leads us to suffer for WEEKS with some nagging symptom, only to seek help when it’s gotten WAY worse than it should be, all because we couldn’t get out of our own way? What is it about the human condition, that makes us feel more alone in a room full of hundreds of people than in a room by ourselves? What is it about the human condition, that leads us to take for granted those who love us most, to seek the approval of one or two who have absolutely no regard for us?

My new soul mate definitely solved my cough. I may even pull through this one. But there is no magic pill for the human condition. We rise and we fall, and oh how we struggle. But there is joy in the journey and let us not forget, THAT is where life happens. 



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