Day Thirty-One: Next, You Can Kiss Me In Alaska


These were some of my favorite pictures EVER taken with my little man. We were on Spring Break in Las Vegas (Lost Vegas he used to call it;) and his little legs were “all worn out.” So he was negotiating a piggy back ride. “Pllleeeaaassse, Mama.” I can still hear his precious little lisp. My step dad Michael (the kids called him Grumpa) captured these moments, in a series that we shall call “The Negotiator.” I love this series of photos because they captured, forever, some of my fondest memories of vacations with Granny and Grumpa. And Grumpa had SUCH A way of capturing moments like these.


As you can see from the picture above, my little man knew, from a very young age, how to pull out all the stops; how to negotiate the deal. He went in for the sunglasses and was laying it on thick…”wook at me, Mama…FOCUS.” No idea where he got that phrase!? The temps were in the 90’s (at least) and Mama was not feeling like being a pack mule, but the hugs and kisses, and his little arms around my neck were quite persuasive. And you’ll notice from the next picture, there was a handsome, pint-sized winner who emerged from these negotiations.  I always told myself to savor those moments (especially the negotiations;), as one day, he won’t want me to pick him up any more. One day, I won’t be able to. And I’d miss the pack mule days. I sure do.


One day (seems like it was yesterday), I was sure I’d be carrying him into high school with as much of a Klingon as he was. And then THIS morning, on our way into another day of 5th grade (when did THAT happen!?) the little rascal turns to me in the parking lot and says, “I’ll give you your hug out here. Next, you can kiss me in Alaska.” Excuse me!? I grew you in my belly, got stretch marks for you, and got up a jillion times a night to feed and soothe your colicky little soul, and I can kiss you in ALASKA!? The truth is, I would go to Alaska (twice) to have even a small taste of his Klingon days. Those WERE the days. So whatever phase it is that comes next, no matter how challenging it is, I will savor that too. I will tuck these moments in my back pocket. And I will look forward to the next series of negotiations. Even if I have to travel to Alaska to take part. ❤

Photo credit: Jenny Lee Photography

2 thoughts on “Day Thirty-One: Next, You Can Kiss Me In Alaska

  1. His grumps loved him, and sometimes I had no patience for pictures, but thank you Michael, he totally knew how to capture the moments, he lives in all those precious moments

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