BIG Business Launch, and a Little (Brutal)”Truth”


So I recently became a consultant for Rodan+Fields, an amazing skincare line from the dermatologists who created Proactiv. I’ve spent the last several weeks learning (and trying) the products, and putting myself out there on social media (and beyond) to share the story of life changing skincare. Yup, I’m “one of THOSE” now. If you know me, you know I am incapable of making a recommendation that I, myself, would not follow (which is why I gave up peddling stogies for Marlboro several years back, despite the lucrative lifestyle). In the short time that I have been a consultant, I have already seen great results with the products – thicker, longer lashes with Lash Boost (an eyelash/brow serum), and a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with the Redefine skincare regimen. Baby’s Daddy recently even told me that my “bags and wrinkles are looking quite a bit better”…ay yi yi (I don’t recommend the well-intentioned use of any of those words, combined into a sentence;).

I’ve also been on the receiving end of what I will call “social media silence.” I post a few times a week with before and after pictures, or product information, etc. I have only had a few people un-friend me so far ;), but talk about vulnerable – you create a dazzling post (I’m still working on the concept of simplifying, as opposed to novel writing;), only to be met with absolute crickets….


It’s not as if liking my post is going to direct ship a skincare regimen to your door (although that’s a brilliant concept, now that you mention it;). “Social selling”, it turns out, is not for the faint at heart.

As I was preparing for my Big Business Launch this weekend, I was super excited for the opportunity to actually get in front of people and share the good news of R+F. Emma helped me make ornaments to give as a “thank you” for using the Skin Care Solution Tool, and we had some exciting gift baskets and various skincare products to raffle off to those who took the time to stop by and learn more. I invited friends and co-workers and anyone I could think of who lived within a reasonable distance of the event. This was allllll kinds of a big deal (to me;).

The event itself was fabulous – it was well-attended and I had THE very first table as you walked in the front door (EXPOSURE)!! There were several other vendors in attendance as well, including an amazing 88 year-old man who had created THE prettiest lighted bottles, out of recycled wine bottles and strands of LED lights. You can imagine, I was quick to offer myself up for drinking the wine to provide future bottles for his art. He was the sweetest ever, and I wasn’t alone in my desire to borrow him (just for Christmas, even), to go along with his beautiful art, that is now proudly displayed on our mantle. Side note: his daughter politely declined my offer to borrow him. 😉


Mid-way through the event, a rather magical interaction occurred, that I will not soon forget. A charming lady lingered at my table for a moment, and then abruptly asked how my products compared to that of a well-known competitive brand. I offered up my truths – that I have experience with both product lines and (obviously) prefer Rodan+Fields, and I could share some of the reasons if she was interested. She quickly dismissed my response, and asked (in an increasingly grumpy tone) how long I had been selling the product. Again, I offered my truth and told her, just over a month, but have been following the results for quite some time, and know people who have used it for several years and swear by it. Once again, she dismissed my response and went straight for the jugular – “How old are you?” she asked, accusingly. “I’m 40,” I kindly responded. And this is where things got good (leaning in to get a closer look at me) – “REALLY!? I’m 54, and you look older than I do!!” She offered up, for all the world to hear. Straight faced and firm in her truth. “I look older than you?” I asked (just to be sure I hadn’t misunderstood). “Yes you do – I’m 54 and I look younger than you”. I was immediately launched into an epic hot flash over the whole interaction, but somehow mustered the following response: “I look older than you? That is very kind of you. Thank you.” (HUGE smile on my beat red face). But she wasn’t done, she proceeded to offer up her truths, just one more time – “I’m 54, and I look WAY better than you.” Emma’s eyes were huge, as she was taking in this amazing interaction. The woman had a younger girl with her as well, who was also seemingly a little uncomfortable with the whole scene. And with that, smile still on my face, I carefully chose the closing remarks – “well, you look amazing, have a great day.”

Thankfully, some good friends, who had stopped by to shop the event and support my business launch, witnessed the entire scene and were able to confirm the interaction actually happened, and as I thought it did. It’s still a little surreal, as I would never dream of speaking to another human being that way, let alone to repeat it several times, and louder with each proclamation.Wow. Just, wow. My point in sharing this story? I am reminded – people can be incredibly unkind. And sometimes, blatantly, repeatedly and on purpose. Starting a business and practicing authenticity, especially in a public arena can be brutal at best. I’m reminded that just because I have been there to cheer on my friends in their dreams and goals, does NOT mean that they will all reciprocate and show up to support mine. But I’m also reminded that sometimes the naysayers are my greatest inspiration and motivation. Doubt me, and even TELL ME I can’t and I will show you, I WILL.

No matter how old I am, or how old I LOOK ;), I hope I never outgrow the ability to see the beauty in other people and in the world around me. I believe there’s “enough” in this world, for each of us to be our own shade of amazing. In skincare – there are enough faces for more than one incredible product. In group fitness, more than one instructor can motivate and inspire a class to push themselves and reach their goals. Furthermore, your ability to be amazing and to shine bright, does not make my light shine any less. In fact, when I celebrate your greatness, we all shine brighter. No matter what you are pursuing – your art, a new business, your passion, that thing that breaks your heart to it’s very core. No matter how many people roll their eyes, ignore, or dismiss you – relentlessly pursue your dreams. No matter how many people tell you, you can’t – show them you CAN. The world needs your gifts. Keep shining. I see you. ❤



*If you are interested in shining, younger looking skin (or the opportunity to get called out at your own business launch;), check out my website and get in touch!






9 thoughts on “BIG Business Launch, and a Little (Brutal)”Truth”

  1. I seriously think that the filter in people’s brains is a bit fried at time.. I’d like to give this lady the benefit of the doubt that she has suffered some type of stroke or early dementia that would explain her rudeness. Kuddos to you for stepping out and being the gracious one. Good luck with your business- one of my pageant directors is a Rodan and Fields rep as is one of the official Hair and Makeup Artists for the Elite Global Earth pageant system.


  2. People seem to have fried that thing in the brain called a filter.. Is like to think this women had some type of neurological like early dementia but Kuddos to you for handling this with grace. One of the official hair and makeup artists for Elite Global Earth is a consultant as is one of the directors

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  3. I don’t know what to say about that lady besides – thank you Lord that I haven’t done that yet. I do know however, what to say about the product: OH. MY. GOD. — My God has answered my prayers! I have those little vertical lines around my lips – yea, I have them around my upper and lower lips. They drive me nuts. All I can wear is chapstick because everything else bleeds. Well, ONE application and SHAZAM gone. No joke. I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight so I can see what tomorrow brings. : ) Now for something that will shrink my gut…

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    1. Well hallelujah!! 🙂 I’m SO glad you’re loving the results! I also just started using the Lip Renewing Serum and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to try the Acute Strips – we may not recognize one another the next time we’re together. 😉 THANK YOU again for giving these products a whirl! Merry Christmas, my friend!? XOXO


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